You are viewing the legacy version of AdonisJS. Visit for newer docs. This version will receive security patches until the end of 2021.

Contribution Guide

All Open Source projects are maintained and backed by a vibrant community of users and collaborators. We encourage you to participate actively in the development and the future of AdonisJs either by contributing to the source code, improving documentation or reporting potential bugs.


  1. Github Repositories - Share bugs on the dedicated repository of AdonisJs. Try to help us with the exact issue and requirements to reproduce that issue.

  2. Gitter - Ask questions or discuss common topics with us here. Feel free to jump in and share your views.

  3. Trello - The Roadmap of AdonisJs. We try to keep it updated with the plans and features that are about to come into AdonisJs.

  4. Twitter - The official Twitter account to stay up-to-date with the progress we make each day.

Reporting Bugs

Always try to be descriptive when submitting issues. You should provide enough context and information to reproduce the issue.

  1. Share the version of the framework you are on. AdonisJs is a combination of several sub-modules, and you can find the versions of those sub-modules inside your project package.json file.

  2. Share a code snippet instead of saying X is not working.

  3. It will be great if you can help us with a sample repository with the code to reproduce the issue.

Coding Style

JavaScript has a handful of linters to keep your coding style consistent. We make use of JavaScript Standard Style which is a non-configurable module making it easier to stick to a consistent code style.

Each module of AdonisJs installs the Standard Style Linter as a development dependency. So before submitting your PR make sure to lint your code.

npm run lint

Sharing PR’s & Git Flow

We make use of Git Flow to work on new features and manage releases.

Below are the rules we follow every day.

  1. When you start working, think of a feature or problem you are trying to fix.

  2. Fork the repository.

  3. Create a new feature branch from develop branch.

  4. Work on it until you feel comfortable to create a pull request.

  5. End this feature and push to your forked repository

  6. Create a pull request of your feature to AdonisJs repository develop branch.

  7. If all is good, we will merge the changes and thank you for your contribution.


We make use of Commitizen to follow naming conventions for commit messages.